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For over 20 years on the market, patented and sold all over the world, the threading unit designed by Meclostampi has numerous qualities that permit to use it in a simple, reliable and above all economic way on progressive tools.
In fact the same unit can be used on different tools and this represents a unique characteristic in the field of the threading units for tools. A frequent question is whether the assembly of this unit compromises the blanking speed

Threading Units

Well we need to specify that the speed is influenced by many factors and used in optimum conditions they are really outstanding (M3 – 280 strokes/min. / M5 – 200 strokes/min.).
Get in touch with us, our Technical Office will study the most suitable solution for you !!

Available models:

MM 24 for threads from M2 to M4
MM 56 for threads from M5 to M6
MM 68 for threads from M6 to M8
MM 816 for threads from M8 to M16
MM 28 with adjustable tooth rack
MM 25 for wheelbases with minimum 25 mm. threads