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Mäder is one of the leading German manufacturers of hand-operated and compressed air presses.
Our presses are manufactured exclusively in our own factory with high production intensity.

This is crucial for their high precision, reliability and quality.
Mäder presses are extremely versatile and can be used for
assembly, pressing, joining, bending, crimping, riveting, punching, glueing and much more.
Our presses cover the capacity range from 30 N to 100 kN ( 0,3 kpf to 10 tons).

5 reasons in favour of mäder presses:

Large range of products: from hand-operated presses to process-monitored pneumatic presses
High precision and quality Made in Germany
Mäder presses are virtually maintenance-free
Proven safety: CE-compliant pneumatic presses with control system, type-tested by TÜV Süd
Worldwide sales network