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DK Technologies

D/K technologies offers the latest technology for automating your tapping applications. The turret tapping tool, whether you are using the NCT3 or the NCT3.5, can offer a technological advancement necessary in today’s competitive manufacturing market place. d/k technologies also offers full CNC machining capabilities and engineering services.

NCT3 - Turret Tapping Tool for size 0 to 12 or M2 – M5

NCT3.5 - Turret Tapping Tool for size 12 to 3/8 or M6 – M10

NCT3 Murata Style - Turret Tapping Tool for Murata Push-Pull Machines

Key Benefits

* Never miss another hole. Just program the NCT3.5 to tap every hole you just prepunched.
* Tap up to 180 holes a minute. (Depending on ram speed)
* Pitch insert change in minutes.
* Roll form taps.
* No minimum distance between tapped holes.