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The company develops, produces and markets prepolymer systems for hot and cold-cast PU elastomers and low-pressure dispensing equipment.
Covestro is the only producer of both materials as well as casting machinery.

Cast polyurethane systems
Covestro’s Systems Division offers the widest possible spectrum of castable polyurethane systems based on almost all Isos and polyols available as well as on very innovative chemistry.

Processing machines
Regarding machinery, from the most cost effective machine to the most flexible or sophisticated casting unit, Covestro’s Machines Division offers solutions to industrialise all scales of cast PU part production with the highest reliability.

Solid experience
Cast polyurethane within Covestro benefits from a long in-house expertise of moulding.
Michel Baulé was working at a rubber company when he realized how superior the properties of polyurethanes are.
He established his company 1976 and exclusively manufactured polyurethane products.
Covestro’s products and technologies have always been developed by own experience.
This hands-on expertise is vital to understand moulders’ needs and provide practical assistance to customers.

Since March 2012 Covestro belongs to Bayer MaterialScience (BMS).
The combined expertise of Covestro and BMS makes them world leaders in the field of polyurethane.